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About Founder Wilbert C. Farris

My name is Wilbert C. Farris, Founder, and inventor of AbCollar®, and I made this product more than a decade ago. My immense desire to change my way of life to a more healthy and happy one contributed to this discovery. I began reading books about weight loss, dieting, and topics on how to transform my life. I set up a strict regimen of regular exercise with a personal trainer and created a healthier eating pattern habit.

The Birth Of the AbCollar®

During my new regiment, I noticed that all of the abdominal exercises that were suggested to me were straining my neck and shoulders, which made it very difficult to keep up the momentum. I decided to apply my 26 years of aerospace design experience and create an apparatus to support my neck during my workouts. Constant trial-and-error testing and many attempts to design the perfect abdominal exercise tool brought the AbCollar® to life.

Extensive Research Leading To the Product

Several preliminary AbCollar® designs were fielded during development, citing several sources of input to determine the optimal design. To validate the design, a practical trial was performed collecting data from students, professionals, colleagues, and athletes over a two-year period. Each participant was given the AbCollar® for a for a two or three-week trial period followed by a comprehensive written evaluation. Respondents were queried for ease-of-use, practicality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Periodic design reviews were hosted to evaluate the AbCollar® throughout the two-year trial. Several design revisions were incorporated which led to the final configuration and ultimate patented product.