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Helping You Prepare For and Recover From Activities

The period after surgery is one of the most physically demanding times in your recovery. I've created the AbCollar by AB Collar International to help you rehabilitate your body back to its proper strength. This collar can be used as an aid to help you keep your balance or serve as resistance during your workouts. My product can also be used to help you prepare for a physically taxing event in your life such as pregnancy. Whether you're walking anywhere around the world or at home watching television, you can wear this anytime. Here are some of the benefits of the AbCollar®.

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Physical Training & Exercise

• Abdominal enhancer
• Keep the neck in neutral alignment with spine
• Yoga and Pilates prop
• Attach to inner leg for keep balance & control

Physical Therapy

• Assist with gaining core strength
• Protect the neck from dropping down
• Mobility aid for paraplegics/quadriplegics
• Neuromuscular disorders
• Neck aid to keep the neck aligned with the Spine

Neck Aid To Improve Posture & Reduce Neck Pain While:

• Walking
• Using computer/playing video games
• Reading

• Sewing/knitting
• Watching TV

AbCollar® Dentistry Posture Exercise Aid©

Helps Forward Head Posture (Space Between Chin and Chest).

• AbCollar® Dentistry Range Of Motion (ROM) Neck Strenghtening Exercise©

• AbCollar® Dentistry Range Of Motion (ROM) Neck Stretch Exercise©

• Release Stress - Tension - Stiffness

• Assortment of AbCollar® Exercises

Other Benefits

• Post-neck surgery to hold neck in upward position
• Airplane neck pillow
• Strengthening transverse muscle to help prepare body for labor & post-labor
• Assisting those that experience a shooting pain from the back of the head

Woman with Abcollar