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When you're undergoing physical therapy and training, it is important to maintain a benifical posture to get the most out of your recovery regimen. Maintaining neutral alignment and distance between your chin and chest (about a fist's thickness) can be difficult when exercising. Let the AbCollar support your neck and reduce stress by holding it in place while you work out so you can perform more efficiently. AbCollar® AbCollar Fitness Genie Commercial Series "The Towel" 

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Flora Twist Squeeze

Take a Load Off Your Back

Support the muscles that carry a good amount of your tension throughout the day. The AbCollar's double-patented Abdominal Enhancement System (AES) design stimulates internal core muscles while reducing stress to the splenius capitis (back of neck), sternocleidomastoid (front of neck), and rhomboid (upper back) muscles. The undeniable result of this innovation in workout technology is better posture and a healthier you.

A Convenient Posture-Correcting Device

Posture correction products don't have to be burdensome devices that weigh you down all day. The AbCollar is contoured to allow for a comfortable fit. Its lightweight properties and elastic material allows for a secure fit and portability. One of the many benefits of the AbCollar® is that you'll be able to take this product with you anywhere in the world.