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About The AbCollar® and Wilbert C. Farris

My name is Wilbert C. Farris, inventor, and designer, and I'm an athletic aerospace worker that was searching for an efficient way to exercise the abdominal muscle group. An observation of colleagues and seasoned athletes revealed how difficult it was to isolate the abdominal muscles when exercising, even when the athlete was disciplined. Abdominal crunches and sit-ups performed improperly did little to target muscles, but only served to strain the back and neck muscles. The observation inspired me to develop a device to improve abdominal exercises and mitigate back and neck strain in the process. These observations were the genesis of the AbCollar®. Since then, I've been awarded the Minority Business Enterprise Certification by the state on February 13, 2020. I am proud to announce the AbCollar® is made in the USA. Find out more about me in the
About Me section.

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State of California

                                                                                              February 2023 
                                                                         Minority Business Enterprise California Certified 

2016 Copyright. AbCollar All Rights Reserved. US Pat. D487122, US Pat. D531682. Minority Business Enterprise  Certified: Certificate #14020123.

Caution: Before starting any physical activity, consult a doctor or health professional.


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